UPDATE: Our 2022 Sustainability Statement is now available.
Sustainability Statement 2021

Stakeholders engagement

Hektar REIT endeavours to operate its business in a responsive manner that addresses stakeholder concerns. Engagement is key to understanding stakeholders' needs, communicating expectations and addressing their concerns. Regular engagement through various platforms involves stakeholders holistically and builds positive and lasting relationships.

We have identified key stakeholder groups critical to our performance and long-term business strategy. The engagement approach for each key stakeholder group and corresponding actions are summarised in the following table.

Key Stakeholders


Interests and areas of focus
  • Quality of service and facilities
  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Connectivity
  • Comfortable shopping and stay experience
Our commitment

To be the neighbourhood and regional shopping centres throughout Malaysia to provide shoppers with conducive retail environments based on international best practices

Key engagement mode
  • Shoppers' surveys
  • Focus group studies
  • Social media engagement
  • Regular shopper events
  • Feedback forms

Tenants and prospects

Interests and areas of focus
  • Maintaining high shopper traffic
  • Maintenance of assets
  • Improving the sustainability of assets
  • Value for money in terms of rent
  • High occupier satisfaction
  • Safety and well-being
  • Excellent service and property management
Our commitment
  • Ongoing responsible upkeep of assets
  • Regular communication and engagement
  • Support for key tenants' corporate milestone events
  • Responsiveness to tenants' feedback
  • Competitive rental rates and locations
  • On-site security practices
Key engagement mode
  • Joint events
  • Regular tenant feedback meetings
  • Direct meeting and email exchanges
  • Collaboration on marketing and promotional events

Property Manager

Interests and areas of focus
  • Key Performance Indicators for property managers and centre management
  • Business and operations performance
  • Business strategy and outlook
  • Sustainability progress
Our commitment
  • Empowerment and active engagement
  • Competitive remuneration and benefits
  • Job security, stability and pathways for career progression
Key engagement mode
  • Regular engagement with Leasing, Projects, Marketing and Quality Departments
  • Emails


Interests and areas of focus
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Career progression and skills upgrading
  • Employee well-being and welfare
Our commitment
  • Fair and equal employment opportunities
  • Learning, development and career progression
  • Safe and healthy working environment
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion
Key engagement mode
  • Performance appraisals
  • Training programmes
  • Engagement and social activities

Investment community

Interests and areas of focus
  • Stable and growing distributions and net asset value per asset over the long term
  • Long-term, sustainable and recurring distributions
  • Responsible asset and capital management
  • Total investment returns
  • Strategic outlook and growth prospects
Our commitment
  • Transparent and timely reporting with the issuance of quarterly and annual financial results, with interim updates between the results periods
Key engagement mode
  • Quarterly result announcements and analyst briefings
  • Annual reports
  • Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Roadshows, online and offline communications


Interests and areas of focus
  • REIT industry performance, potential and outlook
  • Policies by regulators
Our commitment
  • Active memberships in industry associations
  • Establish a robust risk management framework
Key engagement mode
  • Meetings and dialogue
  • Participation in social events and forums
  • REIT Managers' association meetings


Interests and areas of focus
  • Venue sponsors and donations
  • Philanthropic activities
  • Social events
Our commitment
  • Support in community development and activities
  • Creation of employment opportunities
  • Responsible operations
Key engagement mode
  • Charity drives, sponsorships, donations and events
  • Festive celebration and other get-together celebrations
  • Collaborations
  • Community engagement

Joint Management Body and Management Corporation

Interests and areas of focus
  • Day-to-day operations on the management and maintenance of common areas and properties within strata buildings
Our commitment

Fair, transparent and healthy relationships that focus on delivering value to customers

Key engagement mode
  • JMB and MC periodic meetings (together with property managers)
  • Voting
  • Audited accounts submission
Sustainability Report 2022

Download the 2022 Sustainability Statement

Our 2022 Sustainability Statement is also available for download as PDF file.