Interim Distribution of 2.70 sen (gross) per HEKTAR REIT unit for second quarter ended 30 June 2023. Withholding tax will be deducted for distribution made to the following types of unitholders:-

1) Resident individual (Withholding tax at 10%)

2) Non-resident individual (Withholding tax at 10%)

3) Foreign institutional investors (Withholding tax at 10%)

4) Others-resident and no-resident (Withholding tax at 10%)

5) Resident companies (Subject to tax at prevailing rate at 24%)

6) Non-resident companies (Withholding tax at prevailing rate at 24%)


Kindly be advised of the following :

1) The above Company's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Income” as from: 15 Sep 2023 2) The last date of lodgment : 18 Sep 2023 3) Date Payable : 16 Oct 2023

Remarks :

On 28 August 2023, the Board declared the 2023 Interim Income Distribution of 2.7 sen per unit for the second quarter ended 30 June 2023. 

Subsequently, on even date, the Board also determined that the IDRP shall apply to the entire 2023 Interim Income Distribution, where the gross electable portion will be the entire 2.7 sen per unit (bound by respective withholding tax rates).

On behalf of the Board, UOBKH had on 4 September 2023, announced that the issue price of the new units to be issued pursuant to the 2nd IDRP had been fixed at RM0.5586 per new unit.