We refer to the announcements dated 16 May 2007, 13 July 2007, 15 August 2007, 14 September 2007 and 11 October 2007 in relation to the above.

AmInvestment Bank Berhad (formerly known as AmMerchant Bank Berhad) ("AmInvestment Bank"), a member of the AmInvestment Bank Group, on behalf of Hektar REIT wishes to announce that FCL and HKSB, the parties to the Sale and Purchase Agreement dated 16 May 2007 ("SPA") for the Proposal, had on 16 November 2007 mutually agreed to further extend the Cut-Off Date as defined under Clause 1.1 of the SPA by an additional two (2) months to 16 January 2008.

Following the approval by the Securities Commission on 13 August 2007, the Proposal and appointment of new Directors are expected to be completed by January 2008.

This announcement is dated 16 November 2007.