The Executive Committee (Exco) implements the Board’s strategic and fiduciary plans, policies, and decisions that are consistent with the organization’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.


An Executive Committee is delegated by the Board to, among other things:

  • make decisions in relation to investments to be made or expenditure to be incurred by Hektar REIT;
  • make decision in relation to operations and management of Hektar REIT; and
  • carry out and undertake such other functions as may be determined by the Board by unanimous resolution and to act in accordance with the instructions of the Board.

Committee members

The Executive Committee (EXCO) is comprised of three Directors: Encik Johari Shukri bin Jamil, Puan Zarina Halim and Mr Richard Ng.


The Exco shall hold at least four meetings within each twelve month period. Meetings may be conducted in person or by telephone conference call. The Exco of the Board would meet with the management team prior to each Board meeting , to review all the key reports and proposals being compiled and presented to the Directors. The reports and proposals include regular updates on business development, acquisiton activities, operational updates and financial results for the Board's review and consideration.