Fund name Hektar Real Estate Investment Trust (HEKTAR)
Fund Category Real Estate Investment Trust
Fund type Income and Growth
Fund Duration On the occurrence of any of events listed in Clause 16.2 of the Amended and Restated Trust Deed dated 8 February 2021.
Investment objectives To invest in income-producing real estate in Malaysia which is primarily used for retail purposes and to provide the Unitholders with a secure income distribution and to enhance the long-term value of the Fund.
Investment strategies We aim to achieve the objective of the Fund with the following:
  • Invest and manage real estate assets predominantly involved in retail and/or shopping centres;
  • Acquire and manage future assets which are income-producing properties or possess significant potential for income growth;
  • Focus on investing under a long-term investment horizon;
  • Manage and continue to extract synergies and efficiencies from the existing portfolio; and
  • Finance operations and investments under a conservative conducive capital structure
Authorised investments At least 75% of the total assets of Hektar REIT shall be invested in real estate assets, real estate-related assets, single purpose companies or liquid asset.
Approved fund size 471,260,178 Units
Financial period Financial year ended / ending 31 December.
Distribution policy Quarterly or at such other intervals as determined by us at our discretion in arrears, at least 90% of the distributable income of Hektar REIT.
Borrowing limitations Up to 50.0% of total asset value of the Fund at the time the borrowings are incurred.
Revaluation policy The real estates shall be revalued at least once a financial year based on an independent professional valuation pursuant to the SC REIT Guidelines.
Management fee
  • Base Fee: up to 1.0% per annum of the GAV (FY 2020 actual: 0.35%)
  • Performance Fee: up to 5.0% per annum of the NPI (FY 2020 actual: 5.0%), before management fee
  • Acquisition Fee: up to 1.0% of the acquisition value of any asset being real estate, purchased by the Trustee for the Fund.
  • Divestment Fee: up to 0.5% of the disposal value of any Hektar REIT’s assets being real estate or unlisted company whose principal assets are real estate, sold or diversified by the Trustee
Trustee fee Up to 0.1% per annum of the NAV of the Fund payable annually in arrears (FY 2021 actual: 0.08%).
Financial period Financial year ended / ending 31 December
Minimum investment 100 units per board lot
Stock Code HEKTAR 5121
Date of Listing 4 December 2006