Sustainability report 2020

Stakeholders engagement

We believe long-term success relies on the support and contribution of different stakeholders, which include our unitholders, tenant, shoppers, employees, property management team, communities, partners, media and investment community.

Our approach to sustainability ties directly with our business objectives to operate and manage excellent shopping centres and our commitment to deliver value to our stakeholders. This is executed through a sustainable and respectable operation that cares for our marketplace, work spaces, community and the environment.

Key Stakeholders


Engagement methods
  • Shoppers surveys
  • Focus group studies
  • Feedback via online and social media
  • Regular shopper events to engage customers
  • Feedback forms
  • Social media engagement
Key topics
  • Meeting the shopping needs of our shoppers
  • Quality of services and facilities
  • Providing a comfortable shopping environment and family-friendly amenities
  • Considerations for safety and easy accessibility
  • Good connectivity to public transport

Tenants and prospects

Engagement methods

Our tenants are our strategic partners in delivering a desirable environment to our shoppers

  • Partnership in promotional events
  • Regular tenant feedback meetings
  • Direct meetings and email exchanges
  • Participating in events organized by trade associations
Key topics
  • Maintaining high shopper traffic
  • Competitive rental rates
  • Collaboration in marketing and promotional events
  • Good property maintenance
  • Dedicated property management teams to respond to tenant concerns and feedback

Property Manager

Engagement methods
  • Fortnightly meetings with Leasing, Projects, Marketing and Quality departments
  • Email exchanges
  • Ad-hoc meetings
Key topics
  • Key Performance Indicators for property managers and centre management
  • Business and operations performance
  • Business strategy and outlook
  • Sustainability concerns


Engagement methods
  • Annual performance appraisals
  • Orientation and training programs
  • Regular department meetings
  • Annual dinners
  • Staff get-together events
  • Hektar Sports & Recreation Club
Key topics
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Succession planning and career progression
  • Continuous learning and skills upgrading
  • Employee well-being and wellfare
  • Long service awards


Engagement methods
  • Festive season celebration events
  • Charity drives and events
  • Venue sponsorships
  • Collaborations
  • Community engagement (e.g., schools, local councils, local NGOs)
  • Donations and sponsorships to charitable organisations
Key topics
  • Platform for CSR Events and marketing
  • Helping the needy in the community
  • Shopping mall lifestyle activities and social events
  • Venue sponsorships and donations
  • Casual lease kiosks


Engagement methods
  • REIT industry performance
  • Industry issues
  • Government policies
Key topics
  • Meetings and business dialogues
  • Participation in social events and forums
  • REIT Managers’ association meetings

Investment Community

Engagement methods

We engage with unitholders, banks and investors to keep them up-to-date on the financial performance and overall sustainability of Hektar REIT

  • Quarterly results announcement and analyst briefings
  • Annual reports
  • Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Walk-in visits and enquiries
  • Two-sided communication, emails and tele-conference calls
  • Non-deal roadshows
  • Hektar REIT website updates
Key topics
  • Performance and financial results
  • Business strategy and outlook
  • Timely and transparent reporting
  • Net asset value growth
  • Acquisition pipeline
  • Business operations

Joint Management Body and Management Corporation

Engagement methods
  • JMB and MC periodic meetings
  • Voting
  • Audited accounts submission
Key topics
  • Operations