Sustainability report 2017

Governance structure

Our Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the company’s sustainability strategies and its performance.

The CEO in turn, provides direction and guidance to the Sustainability Steering Committee (SCC) and Sustainability Working Committee (SWC).

At Hektar REIT, we recognise that an operative corporate governance culture is crucial in managing the economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities. With a steadfast and strong Board, vigorous policies and continuously improving procedures, we are positioned to achieve continued success.

In order to better understand the requirements for Sustainability Reporting, several members of our management team attended workshops on Sustainability Reporting guidelines organised by Bursa Securities. Several Committees were set up to assist in discharging its duties. Each committee consists of an appointed Chairperson and several members. Commitments to high ethical values were driven through the establishment of a Board Charter and a Code of Conduct for employees.

In 2017, the Sustainability Committee was formed, comprising key representatives from the REIT Manager and Property Manager. Our Sustainability Steering Committee is chaired by our Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer and supported by our Chief Corporate Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Leasing Officer, while our Sustainability Working Committee are represented by members from our Finance, Maintenance, Marketing, Leasing and Quality departments as well as our Centre Managers. These committees meet to review the sustainability performance of the organisation, review the alignment with material sustainability issues and report updates to senior management and the Board.