Media Clippings


Disclaimer: The listed media clippings are provided on a selective basis for informational purposes only. Hektar Asset Management or its affiliates does not endorse or qualify opinions or statements contained therein. For more details, please read the full disclaimer.

Date Title Downloads
10 Aug 2009 CEO Signature Series - Hektar REIT Continues To Be Resilient In Difficult Times
Invest, page 66-68
Adobe PDF file1.3mb
01 Aug 2009 Trusting In REITs
Personal Money, page 20-23
Adobe PDF file671kb
05 May 2009 Hektar's focus on neighbourhood malls
The Malaysian Reserve, page 10
Adobe PDF file246kb
04 May 2009 Hektar REIT still on expansion drive
The Edge, page 22
Adobe PDF file303kb
29 Apr 2009 Reviewing Malaysian REITs
The Star, page 7
Adobe PDF file371kb
20 Apr 2009 Finding 'jewels' among small-cap stock
The Malaysian Reserve, page 6
Adobe PDF file582kb
19 Mar 2009 Taking The REIT Route
Madam Chair, page 122-129
Adobe PDF file942kb
23 Feb 2009 Multiple challenges facing REITs
The Star, page 4
Adobe PDF file268kb
09 Feb 2009 Neighbourhood malls 'resilient' amid volatility
New Strait Times, page 5
Adobe PDF file242kb
30 Jan 2009 Hektar REIT a buy because of high dividend yield: S&P
New Strait Times, page 5
Adobe PDF file306kb
21 Jan 2009 Don: Investors should look at buying REIT
The Star, page 5
Adobe PDF file643kb
12 Jan 2009 Hektar REIT's dividend yield attractive
The Malaysian Reserve, page 10
Adobe PDF file265kb
19 Nov 2008 Hektar REIT sees steady rentals next year
The Star, page 2
Adobe PDF file270kb
16 Aug 2008 Save Our Suffering REITs
The Star, page 7
Adobe PDF file299kb
06 Mar 2008 Hektar signs JV with Singapore's Frasers Centrepoint
The Edge, page 8
Adobe PDF file219kb
20 Feb 2008 Hektar REIT unjur Wetex Parade raih pulangan bersih 7 peratus
Berita Harian - Ekonomi, page 26
Adobe PDF file329kb
20 Feb 2008 Hektar REIT buys Wetex Parade for RM117.5m
The Edge, page 6
Adobe PDF file253kb
17 Jan 2008 Shopping Mall Acquisition
New Strait Times, page 39
Adobe PDF file530kb
14 Jan 2008 Top Developers views on the property
The Edge, page Cover
Adobe PDF file611kb
17 May 2007 Fraser Centrepoint to buy 27pc stake in Hektar REIT
New Strait Times - Business, page 35 & 48
Adobe PDF file372kb
17 May 2007 FCT buys 27% of Malaysian H-Reit
The Business Times Online, page
Adobe PDF file48kb
17 May 2007 Singapore Real Estate Trust Buys 27% Hektar REIT
The Star, page Front & B5
Adobe PDF file183kb
01 May 2007 Parading In Style
Homefinder, page 27-29
Adobe PDF file849kb
24 Apr 2007 Big Plans for Hektar REIT
The Star, page 10
Adobe PDF file284kb
05 Feb 2007 From 'has-been' malls to REIT
The Edge, page 8
Adobe PDF file415kb
01 Dec 2006 Elevating the Retail Experience
BusinessToday, page 16 - 18
Adobe PDF file719kb
20 Nov 2006 Kerana minat membeli-belah Jaafar Beli SP
Utusan Malaysia, page 20
Adobe PDF file230kb
16 Nov 2006 Hektar Reit unjur pulangan 8.47 peratus
Berita Harian, page 7
Adobe PDF file377kb
16 Nov 2006 Hektar REIT to offer 8.5pc yield
New Strait Times - Business, page 36
Adobe PDF file230kb
15 Nov 2006 Malaysia Hektar Retail REIT Targets 8.47% Yield In 2007
Dow Jones, page
Adobe PDF file27kb
17 Oct 2006 Hektar aims to be retail specialist
The Star - Star Biz, page 4
Adobe PDF file334kb
13 Oct 2006 Hektar-REIT gets SC green light for listing
The Star - Star Biz, page 7
Adobe PDF file432kb