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Corporate Social Responsibility


Hektar REIT recognises the importance in establishing best sustainable business practices and will continue to pursue the spirit of giving back throughout its organisation.

Hektar REIT’s assets are made out of mainly neighborhood shopping malls which serve as the “favourite meeting place” in its respective markets. Currently, the REIT’s portfolio spreads across the main and growing towns across the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, serving more than 3.0 million residents in its catchment areas.

Hektar REIT strives to build sustainable business practices which promote giving back to the society. Hektar has stepped forward during the unfortunate occurrence of natural disasters in the region to provide aid and support to the ones in need.

Right in the beginning of 2015, more than 100,000 residents across five east coast states in Peninsula Malaysia were displaced in the wake of the nation’s worst flooding in more than 30 years. All five malls in Hektar’s portfolio came together to act as donation collection points for the said initiative spearheaded by Firefly Airlines. Donations in the form of essentials and dry goods were collected by the centres and handed over to the airline’s management team at their headquarters in the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang. More than 8,000 kilogrammes of donations in kind – consisting of 415 boxes of food and water, 126 boxes of clothing, 22 boxes of baby care products and 50 boxes of other essential items such as household and cleaning utensils, personal hygiene and school products – were collected by the shopping centres, thanks to the generosity of shoppers and retailers who sprung into action at the announcement of the effort within the centres.

In April 2015, Nepal was hit by a major earthquake that had killed thousands and left many more injured and homeless. Hektar’s malls have partnered with MERCY Malaysia to seek donations from the public. Subang Parade took a step further by organising a “Help Nepal Charity Bazaar”. The bazaar saw 30 vendors comprising of Subang Parade’s own team and management, along with students from neighbouring college who came hand-in-hand to help raise RM10,000 within a day. All proceeds were channelled to MERCY Malaysia for relief works.

Subang Parade had also collaborated with Polis Diraja Malaysia (“PDRM”) to aid the depleting blood supply in our national blood bank, Pusat Darah Negara. This joint effort is the first-of-its-kind where PDRM conducted the blood donation drive out of its headquarters. The donation drive was held at Subang Parade on 18 April 2015 and 200 pints of blood were raised that day.

During the mid-year school break, Mahkota Parade worked together with WW F to organise an “Augmented Reality” programme, where shoppers were invited for a virtual interactive experience with underwater creatures. The main highlight of the programme was to create awareness and provide education on turtles’ extinction. The campaign raised RM10,000 towards WWF Malaysia’s turtle conservation efforts.

In August 2015, Subang Parade participated in “Classroom Xperience Program” (CXP), a programme providing real-time exposure to the outside world to a group of underprivileged children. The programme was created and conceptualised by a team of students from Taylor’s College. The classes were held in seven sessions throughout the year to create impactful education experience for the children. The final graduating class was held in Subang Parade, where it provided the publicity and a platform to encourage this commendable initiative to blossom further.

In the same month, Subang Parade also played host to “The Gift of Love” event, organised by The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (“TBAN”). The advocate network is followed and supported by more than 70,000 members online. There were talks, seminars and activities to raise public awareness and educate public about breastfeeding. The highlight of the event was “The Big Latch”, where more than 300 mothers gathered to breastfeed together as a symbolic support to normalise breastfeeding in our society.

It is a custom in Hektar to celebrate the colourful festivals in Malaysia with the less fortunate. Each year, all five malls will invite orphans or elderly from welfare homes in their respective areas to celebrate each festive together.

During the auspicious season of Chinese New Year, the team at Subang Parade visited the old folks at Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia. The event saw the celebration of a lion dance, Ang Pow blessings, and a group Yee Sang tossing to usher in the lunar new year.

Wetex Parade treated 90 orphans from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Islam Muar to a Hari Raya dinner at Wetex Parade. The children were invited to break fast together, followed by a sumptuous meal, along with the blessing of “Duit Raya” to celebrate the holy month. Wetex Parade also organised a Charity Henna campaign in conjunction with Deepavali celebration in November 2015. With a small donation, shoppers were entitled to henna drawings on their hands, drawn by local talented artists. The campaigned raised RM3,000 for the less privileged.

In the jolly Christmas season, Central Square and Landmark Central invited more than 100 orphans in total from orphanages in their respective neighbourhood to Christmas celebrations at the malls. There were superheroes appearance and special performances by Santa Clause at Central Square, whilst at Landmark Central the children were brought for a movie treat at MBO. They had joys and laughter from various activities and were treated to Christmas meals at the respective malls.

Hektar REIT recognises the importance in establishing best sustainable business practices and will continue to pursue the spirit of giving back throughout its organisation.